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Academic mobility
Academic mobility - is one of the most important components of the internationalization of higher education and the integration of universities in the international educational space. Academic mobility cannot be reduced to specific actions, technologies and mechanisms related only to the system of exchange of students and teachers of educational institutions of different countries. According to international experts, in reality there is a complex and multifaceted process of intellectual advancement, the exchange of scientific and cultural potential, resources and training technologies.

Academic mobility is implemented within the framework of international programs (ERASMUS +, DAAD, COPERNICUS, LINGUA, etc.) with the support of the governments of various countries, as well as on the basis of interstate, interdepartmental and interuniversity agreements. Mobility financing is carried out from various sources, usually in the form of scholarships / grants allocated by various universities, foundations, companies, and state governments. However, it is possible that the program provides for partial and / or full self-financing. Most often, these are either commercial programs or studies in private higher education institutions.

Contractual training between governments

The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus annually selects participants who are sent to study abroad under international agreements. Information on training opportunities this year is available on the website: Training under international agreements.
The main programs that provide academic mobility or project financing opportunities are:


ERASMUS + is one of the largest educational and scientific programs funded by the European Commission. The program is designed for the period 2014-2020. Funding tools available for higher education institutions of the Republic of Belarus as a member of the Eastern Partnership. Within the framework of this program, the following areas of academic mobility exist:

1 “Joint Master Degrees”

This program provides training for a master's program in any discipline and has a duration of 1-2 years. According to the results of the program, it is planned to issue joint diplomas of those educational institutions where the undergraduate studied.

2 "Credit mobility" (Credit mobility)

Under this program, students and teachers of the Belarusian State Pedagogical University will be able to study at universities in countries of the European Union. This tool for financing academic mobility is replacing the already well-known Erasmus Mundus program in the Republic of Belarus, which is ending its activities.

3 “Capacity building in higher education”

The program is a continuation of the TEMPUS project. Its goals are to support the modernization, accessibility and internationalization of higher education. In addition to financing projects, developing new training courses, methodologies, new forms of training, structures and systems for managing educational institutions, etc. The program provides for student mobility. The internship will be available at any level of higher education: bachelor, master and graduate student, however, it will be limited to the disciplines within which the project is carried out.

4 “Jean Monnet”

This program does not provide for academic mobility and is aimed at promoting the development of educational programs and research that specialize in the role of the European Union in European integration.

You can learn more about the ERASMUS + program in the Republic of Belarus here.

DAAD as well as ERASMUS + is one of the main programs that allow students and employees of BSPU to study, internship or teach at universities in the European Union, in this case, universities in the Federal Republic of Germany. DAAD has a variety of financing tools at its disposal. The most significant and relevant for BSPU are the following:

1. Scholarships for students

Summer German courses last 3-4 weeks in one of the higher educational institutions of the Federal Republic of Germany. Along with German language courses, students are offered courses of a linguistic and regional nature, as well as courses in professional vocabulary.

2. Research fellowships for young scientists and internships for teachers.

The DAAD Scholarship for Young Scientists enables a graduate, undergraduate or graduate student to pursue their own individual research project at one of the universities or research centers of the Federal Republic of Germany. Depending on the work plan, scholarships are granted for a period of 1 to 10 months.

Scientific internships for scientists and university professors are also provided for individual research. However, in the case of this scholarship, its duration is 1-3 months.

3. Postgraduate scholarships

The scholarship is intended for post-graduate education in special courses at the German institution of higher education, which makes it possible to obtain additional qualifications with the issuance of a German certificate of higher education (diploma, master’s diploma). Duration of study is 2–4 semesters (1–2 years). Applicants for this program may be graduates of the Belarusian State Pedagogical University of all specialties who have received a specialist diploma or a bachelor's degree. Last year students can also apply if they receive a diploma before October 1.


Horizon 2020 is the most important project for the development of education and science within the European Union. This program includes a variety of subordinate programs, some of which apply to BSPU, as one of the educational organizations registered with the European Commission. The main areas of financing are:

1 Fundamental exact and applied sciences (basic science)

2 Leadership in the industrial complex (industrial leadership)

3 changes in society (societal changes)

Funding is carried out in the framework of group and partnership projects in the field of fundamental applied exact sciences, information, bio and nano technologies, medicine, bioeconomy, the environment, the study of European society, ensuring public safety, etc.

The program has a huge number of projects that are constantly being announced on the Horizon 2020 website.
In addition to these major programs of academic mobility and project financing, there are also organizations and programs that can provide individual grants and scholarships to students and teachers of BSPU:

Swedish Institute

Scientific Internships for Masters: Visby Program Scholarships for Master’s Level Studies

Scientific internships for graduate students and teachers: Visby Program Scholarships рor PhB Studies And Postdoctoral Research

Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung Foundation

Scientific internship for young scientists: Humboldt-Forschungsstipendium für Postdoktoranden

Scientific internship for experienced scientists: Humboldt-Forschungsstipendium für erfahrene Wissenschaftler

Gerda Henkel Foundation (Gerda Henkel Stiftung)

The organization specializes in financing historical research: projects and scientific scholarships for defended teachers and scientists from any country.

Fullbright Commission

The program of one-year study at one of the US universities for students of 1-3 courses from the Republic of Belarus

Scientific internships (3-6 months) at one of the US universities for scientists and teachers from Belarus.