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Факультет естествознания БГПУ им. М. Танка

Республика Беларусь, г. Минск,220030, ул. Советская, 18 корп. 3, 1 этаж, каб. 117

Телефоны: (+37517) 327 84 77, (+37517) 200 56 84

E-mail: estfac@bspu.by

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International partnership

The university’s international activities are aimed at expanding and developing fruitful cooperation between the Republic of Belarus and foreign countries in the educational, scientific, technical, cultural and educational fields. The implementation of the tasks is various types of cooperation, both in the form of collective targeted programs, and through the implementation of initiative teachers, researchers, doctoral students, graduate students and students. Important components of the international activities of the university are:

   - interuniversity cooperation
   - academic mobility
   - interaction with international associations, organizations and foundations